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Latest Study Offers :

1. UK Professional Qualifications for Working Personnel

Ideal opportunity for Working Personnel. Upgrade your Skills & Qualifications by converting your Work Experience thru Assessment,Guided Learning & Assignment based Studies for UK Diploma, UK HND & UK BSc or BA Hons Degree (Top up One Year) World recognized  Qualifications. Online Certification guided Learning study areas available in ICT, Business Administration, Hospitality Industry & Management.

Added advantage of going to UK after your qualifications are upgraded to complete BSc or BA Hons Degree (Top Up) at many recognized UK Universities with part time work. After first year studies are completed start One year full time work on UK work Visa and thereafter migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Europe on PR status.


  • Online learning, wherever possible, Do individual subjects at your own pace
  • Get 24 x 7 online support from our most experienced tutors!
  • Assignment Based Learning, Personal tutoring sessions
  • Affordable pricing, value for money!
2 – Study in Canada with or without IELTS:


Study Programmes in Software, Hospitality or Management – Two Year Study in Canada for Level 5 Canada Diploma with Part time Work.  After Two years Full time work visa to work in Canada then  apply for Canada PR to Live & Work in Canada.

Can apply with GCE O/L  Qualifications 

Call  070 295 9730 to book your place for the next intake.


3 – Study in Europe with Schengen Visa:

                Call  070 295 9730  for more details.



Courses at Intellect Training Centre


Diploma Courses :

            Diploma in Computer Studies

            Diploma in Software Engineering – Entry Level to UK IT Degree

            Diploma in Information Technology – Entry Level to UK IT Degree

            UK Higher National Diploma in IT – Progression to UK IT Degree   

            Advanced Diploma – IBM Applications Developer

            Diploma in Computer Applications

            Diploma in Web Applications

            Advanced IBM ILE RPG & JAVA Programming

            Diploma in English Language & Literature

            Diploma in English Teacher Training

            Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management


Certificate Courses :

        Spoken English for Kids, Students & Adults

           English Language & Literature for Grades 8 – 11

         Microsoft Office Specialist

         Oracle Database Administrator

         Oracle Developer Training

         Oracle PL SQL Training

         Python Programming 

         Web Design & Development

         IBM Rational Development Studio ILE RPG Programming

         Java SE Programming 

         C++ Programming

         IBM System i Operator

         Autocad Design Specialist

         Art & Craft Specialist

         Musical Instruments 

         Event Promotions Training


We also conduct Individual Rapid Training Courses to meet the requirements of Busy Professionals.


All our courses lead to UK HNC, HND & Graduate Diploma Qualification


Intellect Institute  – Terms and Conditions of Enrollment for Students


1. A Course Enrollment Form (Application Form) must be filled and signed by the student agreeing to abide by the Intellect Institute Terms & Conditions of Enrollment in respect of each and every course conducted by Intellect Institute. As per Intellect Institute Terms & Conditions requests for refunding of Course Fees or Registration Fees will not be entertained.


2. Students sponsored by employers / organizations must attach a letter of authorization from the sponsoring employer / organization to the Application Form.


3. Completed Enrollment Form must be sent by email or whtsapp to the Institute. The Registration Fee & the Course Fee should be paid to Intellect Institute thru Bank Deposit or Bank Online Transfer at least THREE DAYS prior to the commencement of the course. Late Enrollments will be entertained only on availability of places.


4. The Students paying Course Fees on monthly installment plan it is the responsibility of the Student to pay the installment in full before the stipulated monthly payment date. If installment payment is delayed by more than 3 days from the due  date  a  surcharge of 10% will be added to the installment and the installment has to be paid with the  surcharge. Those who have not paid the monthly installment in full may not be permitted to attend online or class room lectures / practical sessions / Exams. All payments must be made to the Authorized  Institute Bank Account thru Bank deposit or Online Transfer. Institute will issue a payment receipt for all payments.


5. Notes for a course for any month if any, will be issued only after payment of monthly installment in full.


6. All receipts issued by Intellect Institute in respect of Registration / Course Fee payments should be retained till completion of the course and thereafter for a period of three months.


7. Any request for postponement, transfer or study leave should be submitted in writing to the Intellect Course Director. The acceptance / denial of such requests would be at the sole discretion of the Intellect and will be notified to the Student in writing.


8. The Training / Lecture Schedules will be provided to the Students in advance and any changes / deviations to the schedules will be notified.


9. Punctuality and regular attendance are essential as lectures and examinations / tests once conducted will not be repeated. A Daily Attendance Register is maintained and Lecturer’s will record the student attendance for each session. Less than 70% attendance, unless stipulated otherwise, may render the student not eligible to sit the Examinations / Tests and receive Certificates.


10. In the event of extended absence due to sickness or any other reason, the Course Director should be informed accordingly as early as possible by the Student or by the Sponsor. Such absence for sickness must be covered by valid medical certificates subsequently.


11. Intellect Institute reserves the right to cancel or reschedule Courses due to class size and any other unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances, and registered Students will be informed in advance in such instances. Students who are absent from classes for more than 2 weeks without a valid reason will be classified as non performing students and their studentship will be terminated after giving 1 week advanced notice to the student  in writing by the Course Director.


12. Students shall strictly adhere to the Dress Code of Smart Casual / Informal wear. Rubber Slippers / Shorts shall not be worn.


13. Using of Smart Phones or Mobile Phones within the Class room and Smoking is strictly prohibited within Intellect premises. Partaking of Meals and Snacks is not permitted in the classroom and shall be confined to the Pantry area only.

14. It is the responsibility of the Student to look after his / her own  belongings. Intellect Institute shall not be responsible for any damaged / lost property of Students.


15. Intellect Institute shall not be responsible for physical injury caused due to negligence or lack of safety consciousness on the part of Students. Furthermore, any damage caused to the property of Intellect Institute under such circumstances could result in disciplinary action being taken against the Students as well as charges being levied for replacement /

repairs of such damaged property.


16. Utilization of training aids, especially the computer facilities shall be strictly for learning / study purposes. Intellect Institute reserves the right to take disciplinary action in the event of misuse of these facilities.


17. Intellect Institute reserves the right to terminate the studentship of any Student without warning and compensation in the event the Student is found to be responsible for: a. Use of threat, abusive language or force on Students and Staff of Intellect Institute, b. Willful damage to the property of Intellect Institute, c. Stealing of property of Intellect Institute.


18. Similarly, in the event any act detrimental to the good image of Intellect Institute has been committed by a Student,  Intellect Institute reserves the right to take severe disciplinary action even up to termination of studentship of the Student after an inquiry.


19. Suggestions and constructive criticism from Students / Sponsors towards improvement of learning experience is welcome. Any complaints and / or grievances should be promptly brought to the notice of the Course Director or Director Administration. If Students still feel aggrieved, they may request an interview with the Course Director or Director Administration.


20. The Terms & Conditions of Enrollment may be amended as and when such amendments are deemed necessary and the current and valid version of this document will be available at the Intellect Institute reception desk.


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